NEMS Panorama

Nems Panorama®

Online corporate sustainability reporting - effortless transformation of data to insight

Corporate sustainability reporting made easy

For independent Oil and Gas operators, who has sustainability reporting obligations, NEMS Panorama is a sustainability reporting solution, that reduces cost. Unlike Excel or generic HSE solutions, NEMS Panorama is developed by oil and gas experts.

The solution is accessed through a regular internet browser, giving you instant global access for all your users. NEMS Panorama gives you consistent reporting from all your assets across industries.  NEMS Panorama will reduce your efforts with your GRI and CDP reporting. NEMS Panorama removes the fog cluttering your data, making your data consistent and tangible, transparent and traceable.

NEMS Panorama enables easy information sharing with internal and external stakeholders – without compromising information security. NEMS Panorama makes data analysis, reporting and benchmarking easy. As it should be.

Powerful data analysis

NEMS Panorama comes with a powerful analytical tool box making it easy to analyse your sustainability data. Aggregation of vast number of data is done in the blink of an eye. An easy to use graphical drill-down feature enables you to quickly locate the root causes and major sources of your emissions. NEMS Panorama is a powerful tool for transformating your data into insight.

Benchmark your assets

With the analytical tool box benchmarking is easy with NEMS Panorama. You can benchmark your assets in any dimension you like. The results are shown immediately as tables and figures in the graphical user interface.

Transparent, traceable and consistent

NEMS Panorama is compliant with ISO 14001/14031. With local data entry and central reporting traceability and consistency are ensured. With NEMS Panorama you have, instantaneously, an overview of the reporting status of all your assets.

Easy internal and external reporting

With NEMS Panorama internal and external reporting is made easy. Either by automatic export or ad-hoc generation of excel and pdf reports. You can easily set up the reports yourself, but we can also assist you with the initial setup.

Seeing is believing.  To understand why all our users are so satisfied and impressed about NEMS Panorama book a live demonstration now.