NEMS Chemicals

NEMS Chemicals®

NEMS Chemicals® is an online chemical management tool and a database, designed to handle eco-toxicological data in the form of Harmonized Offshore Chemical Notification Format (HOCNF).

Competence included

NEMS Chemicals is developed and operated by add energy and the KPD (Chemical Product Data) Centre located in Stavanger, Norway. It is used for environmental management of offshore chemicals. More than 20 years of experience with registration and QA of HOCNF data, on behalf of practically all oil companies operating on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, has given the KPD Centre a unique competence and knowledge about the requirements for an efficient chemical management tool.

A tedious job automated

NEMS Chemicals is designed to register information on chemical products and their substances, such as physical properties, hazard labelling and eco-toxicological properties (i.e. aquatic toxicity and the potential for bioaccumulation and bio-degradation). The tool has the possibility to print out complete HOCNF reports, parts of the report, or even a short-version with the most important data summarized in one single page.

Used by suppliers, operators and authorities

The tool includes the possibility to select data from self-made criteria, for instance, products filtered based on usage and environmental properties.

NEMS Chemicals is the solution for environmental documentation of chemicals on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

NEMS Chemicals for Suppliers Brochure (PDF)