NEMS Accounter

NEMS Accounter®

Environmental Management and Reporting made easy - your first step towards Environmental Excellence


Tailor-made for the energy industry

Add Energy has since 1986 assisted our clients with environmental compliance. Much of our experience is embedded in our SaaS solution NEMS Accounter®.

NEMS Accounter® is a web-based environmental management system originally designed to meet the toughest compliance requirements: Norwegian oil and gas industry. Now it is available for any business. It is fully operational from day 1 and easily scaled to your growing operations.

NEMS Accounter® is intuitive to use and continuous development ensures the system is always compliant with ever-changing demands and requirements.

Document compliance and performance

NEMS Accounter® is in use by most of the blue chip majors in the oil and gas industry. The system has been developed together with the clients ensuring environmental compliance in regions with the strictest environmental regulations.

The system enables for automated reporting and data exchange to and from other systems. This will save you time with your corporate and authority reporting.

Easy to use target and permit follow-up help you reach and exceed your goals.

Transparent, traceable and consistent

NEMS Accounter® is compliant with ISO 14001/14031 and has been through several audits with our clients.

With local data entry and central reporting, traceability and consistency are ensured. All data entries, changes and approvals are logged.

Numerous calculation methods and statistical analyses for direct and indirect emissions are included out of the box.

Powerful ad-hoc reporting

The specific report you need for the next management meeting is never far away when using NEMS Accounter® and you can create ad-hoc reports on the fly. You can also easily export your data to Excel for further processing.

With the inbuilt report library in NEMS Accounter® you have access to over 100 predefined reports – ready out of the box.

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