Software Solutions

NEMS Accounter®

Online environmental management – your answer to complete environmental accounting

NEMS Panorama®

Online corporate sustainability reporting – effortless transformation of data to insight

NEMS Chemicals®

Online chemical management solution – complete overview of your HOCNF data

NEMS Accounter
Environmental Management and Reporting made easy - your first step towards Environmental Excellence

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What you get

Environmental solutions as a service
Environmental solutions as a service is much more than a standard software as a service. We offer complete ready to use solutions for your business. Environmental software solutions made by our experts for your experts.

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The importance of compliance with rules, regulations, standards and promises does not cease. The awareness of compliance also in the environmental domain has grown significantly over the past years.

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Our software solutions are developed with multiple layers of security. We adhere to the highest standards in both software security, hardware security, personnel security, and location security. ISO 27001 certified.

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A secure system that does the job is only part of the game. You must also gain trust. Add energy has worked with highly confidential data for our customers on the Norwegian continental shelf for more than 20 years.

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Value for money
Cost of product and total cost of ownership differs a lot with different products. Add energy has delivered high value for money products with no customer lock-in capital expenditure for decades.

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We take pride in making software solutions with the purpose to eliminate time consuming and tedious tasks for the EHS experts. As much manual work as possible shall be eliminated. Saving time and money.

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